Wedding Videography Winnipeg

Wedding Videographer Winnipeg

Are you looking for a way to record, document, and etch your wedding in history? Are you looking for a wedding cinematography and videography team in Winnipeg to do this? Or, do you want to know more about wedding videography or cinematography? Well, you have come to the right place. We will educate you on the process, the difference between cinematography and videography in Winnipeg, and tell you everything we think you need to know about the two art forms in this little section. 

Primarily, wedding videography in Winnipeg deals with the video based documentation of your wedding from start to finish. From the moment you get ready to marry the man or woman of your dreams to the end of the day that begins the start of the rest of your life – with this other half of you. Wedding cinematography in Winnipeg is a little bit different than wedding videography in the sense that it involves a story telling element to it, much like movies and Hollywood type productions. With a short, or long video production, depending on your preferences, we (as Winnipeg wedding cinematographers) tell your amazing, moving, funny, quirky, beautiful, eye watering and plainly breath taking story of love. When you watch the production that we put together, you will smile, laugh, cry and feel a warm tingling in your heart. The best part is, this will not just happen the first time, it will happen forever, whenever you watch it.

The process involved in finding and hiring a capable Winnipeg wedding videographer or a wedding videography and cinematography team in Winnipeg is actually quite simple and quick. For the most part, you have already done most of the heavy lifting. You have gone on the internet (Google most likely) and made a search for a “Winnipeg videographer” or “Winnipeg wedding videographer”. Boom, you probably found a Winnipeg videographer or a team like us. Easy enough so far.

Now that you are on our page. We will use us as an example. Check out our work (check out other Winnipeg wedding videogrpahers’ works and portfolios). If you like us (or any Winnipeg videographer or videographers), reach out. Once you reach out, communicate back and forth and setup meetings until you find the right wedding videographer for you. It is that simple. Along the process, check out social media pages, reviews, testimonials and everything on each Winnipeg videographers’ website or social media pages. They will help you get a sense of their style, ability and work behaviours. If you do everything highlighted here, you will definitely find the right Winnipeg videographer for you in no time. 

If our videos give you the fuzzies, or warm your heart up the way you would like to warm up the hearts of your loved ones with your love story, definitely shoot us a message today and we can get started on telling your love story, the right (and most beautiful) way.

Why You Should Choose Wedding Videography & Cinematography in Winnipeg

If you’re getting married soon, congratulations! Right about now, you’re probably crazy-busy trying to organize and plan your special day. Things like invitations, which band to hire, the wedding cake, and ordering your fave flowers are all important, no doubt. You’re probably also searching for a photographer to hire and, while you’re doing that, we have a suggestion; hire a Winnipeg videographer also, one who’s skilled in cinematography.

Yes, having beautiful photographs of your wedding day are very important. They will be the memories you take with you as you make your life together with your wonderful new spouse. But photographs are static, which means to say that they don’t move. Yes, you can see some emotion but not nearly as much as you can see when you watch a video.

With a wedding video, you’re taken back to your wedding day in a way that photographs can never match. You’ll see yourself and your partner as you go through all of the emotions, including the big smiles, the nervousness, and maybe even some tears of joy. You’ll also hear the voices of your loved ones, the music that the band played, the joyous laughter of your friends, and the giggles you and your bridesmaids shared.

That’s why you should choose wedding videography and cinematography in Winnipeg! Because it’s the closest thing to going back and reliving your wedding day all over again, and you can do it whenever you like!

We’ve talked about hiring a videographer but, truth be told, a Winnipeg cinematographer is the way to go if you want something truly special! The difference between videography and cinematography is like the difference between the video your Dad takes on his smartphone and a movie directed by Judd Apatow. In short, it’s huge!

When you hire a Winnipeg cinematographer to shoot your wedding, what you will get is a movie starring you and your spouse, with your family and friends as your costars! It will be the story of your wedding, with a beginning (you getting ready in the morning), a middle (the ceremony, exchange of rings and vows) and an end (the reception, cutting the cake, throwing the bouquet and more!).

Can you see the difference?! Can you imagine what your wedding movie will look like, shot by an expert who knows what it takes to make you look like a star?! You’ll not only have the memories of your special day, but something your friends and loved ones will want to watch too because it’s so beautiful, moving, and entertaining!

When you hire a Winnipeg videographer or cinematographer you’ll be hiring a professional who will turn your special day into a cinematic event! A movie about you, starring you! It’s something you’ll treasure your entire life, and look forward to showing your children and, one day, grandchildren.

More than that, you’ll be able to share it with friends and family knowing that they really, truly want to watch it and share the joy and fun with you! So yes, hire a photographer because you’ll want those beautiful wedding photos. But if you want something truly amazing that will be the keepsake of your life, you should choose wedding videography and cinematography in Winnipeg (done by a great wedding documentation team) and let them turn your wedding day into a blockbuster!